[smu:ð] 1. adjective
1) (having an even surface; not rough: Her skin is as smooth as satin.) macio
2) (without lumps: Mix the ingredients to a smooth paste.) homogéneo
3) ((of movement) without breaks, stops or jolts: Did you have a smooth flight from New York?) tranquilo
4) (without problems or difficulties: a smooth journey; His progress towards promotion was smooth and rapid.) fácil
5) ((too) agreeable and pleasant in manner etc: I don't trust those smooth salesmen.) suave
2. verb
1) ((often with down, out etc) to make (something) smooth or flat: She tried to smooth the creases out.) alisar
2) ((with into or over): to rub (a liquid substance etc) gently over (a surface): Smooth the moisturizing cream into/over your face and neck.) espalhar
- smoothly
- smoothness
* * *
[smu:ð] n 1 ato de alisar ou polir. 2 lisura, polimento. vt+vi 1 alisar, aplainar, polir. 2 acalmar, suavizar. 3 facilitar. 4 remover saliências, tornar plano. • adj 1 plano, liso, lustroso, polido. 2 macio, regular. 3 sem pelotas. 4 liso, sem cabelo, sem pêlo. 5 fácil, sem obstáculos ou dificuldades, suave. 6 calmo, sereno, plácido. 7 polido, agradável, afável. 8 lisonjeiro, bajulador. 9 brando, macio, agradável ao gosto ou ao ouvido, suave. 10 sl excelente, agradável, atraente. to smooth away afastar, descartar. he smoothed away the difficulties / ele afastou as dificuldades. to smooth down acalmar, moderar, suavizar. to smooth out alisar, passar a ferro, tirar dobras ou pregas. to smooth over atenuar, paliar. to smooth the way/to smooth the path facilitar as coisas, abrir caminho, tornar mais fácil ou provável. to take the rough with the smooth aceitar o que vier: o bom e o ruim.

English-Portuguese dictionary. 2013.


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